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Innovation & Expertise Tool

This website exists for four reasons:
  1. to help you understand the product development process,
  2. to help you find regional experts that can help you with your product development,
  3. to allow companies and experts to list their services in our database, and
  4. to allow users to create, maintain and return to a contact list.


1. Idea to Implementation Tool 0
This web tool is designed to assist you in taking an idea to the product and production state. It has links and information to assist you in all stages of the development of your product. Check it out!


2. Search for an Expert
Find a technical expert

3. Sign Up your Company or as an Expert
List the services you can provide

4. Register as a User
Create, maintain and return to a contact list

Note: There is no cost or obligation for this service and your information will not be put on a mailing list. This database is offered as a service to experts, innovators and inventors in the Peace River Region / Northwest Alberta area wishing to use it.